• 1. I surround myself with ARTISTS....the makers of music... the writers of words.....the painters of possibilities.... and those who speak from their soul in the form of creative expression ....because they have tapped into the divine.
  • 2.  I surround myself with the ones who dance on the edges of life....those who follow their passions and travel by the map written upon their soul..... because they are going somewhere I want to go.
  •  3. I surround myself with dreamers and doers.... yarn spinners and storytellers.....people who stay up late and CREATE.... because their spirit can't rest until the unformed idea takes form.
  •  4.  I surround myself with those who are BRAVE enough to be themselves in a world that wants only to change them.....be cause they still have the confidence to reach for the highest star they can see in their universe .
  •  5. I surround myself with those whose greatest competition is within themselves... because the only person they strive to be better than is the person they were yesterday.
  •  6. I surround myself with people who inspire me....people who speak with kindness....people with abstract thoughts and ideas that challenge my beliefs.....because their character of spirit is infectious.
  •  7. I surround myself with people who have overcome struggles and those who are still fighting their demons yet never cease to give up the battle....because they know the journey comes with tests to make them stronger.
  •  8. I surround myself with people who don't fit into pretty boxes with big red ribbons......because they are people who have a fire in their soul and let it free to burn wild.
  •  9. I surround myself with REBEL SPIRITS and Maverick souls......those who take chances and risk failure and humiliation....... because they embody the traits I wish to develop.
  •  10.I surround myself with those who live their life out loud and leave ripples of AWESOME in their wake.....those who live the height, depth, width, breadth and circumference of the life they were given.....because they will have memories worthy remembering.
  •  11. I surround myself with entrepreneurs and those who make their own rules in this world.....because they are those who are building their OWN dream instead of someone else's.
  •  12. I surround myself with CREATIVE'S of all sorts.... because to be a CREATIVE in a world that wants to sideline and marginalize your originality takes a strong spirit to keep on grinding and those kind of people are worth knowing.
  •  13. I surround myself with those open enough to hear the roar of the universe and still enough to hear the whisper of God.....because they have learned to listen.
  • 14. I surround myself with those who have the courage to believe in magic and miracles and happily ever afters..... no matter how many times life tries to beat that belief out of them....because they refuse to let the negative voices in their head have a platform.
  • 15. I surround myself with those who don't see the cup half empty or even half full..... because they are gratitude for a cup with something in it.

The reason I do all this is because.......I was told that who you surround yourself with is who you will become..... Look at your life....Look who you are surrounded by..... and make the required changes....even if those changes are only to add more chairs at your already fabulous dining table.



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