We ship from our Factories and Studios all over the world... Depending on what you ordered and where you are located will determine the shipping time frame....NORMAL ship times are 15 to 60 days .....but the wait is worth it....we promise ! ...... AFTER 90 DAYS IF ORDER HAS NOT ARRIVED, IT IS CONSIDERED LOST AND WE WILL OFFER A FULL REFUND.
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CLOTHING SIZES - Please refer to the Above chart..

FLIP FLOPS - Youth Size 7 is considered one size fits most kids up to size 7 children......Mens Size 7 is considered ADULT SMALL and fits up to Size 7 ..... Mens Size 9.5 is considered ADULT MEDIUM and fits up to Size 9.5....and Mens Size 13.5 is considered ADULT LARGE and fits up to Size 13.5...

HEADBANDS - ONE SIZE FITS ALL....Made with our signature knit fabric, milled in Montreal. Made to last, our fabric won't lose shape and our vibrant prints never fade.

NO RETURNS/EXCHANGES will be accepted for ordering the wrong size.